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Airsoft Games

Sunday 17th April 2016.

Newick Bonfire Society have a new fundraising event to kick off the year, one for those with a competitive streak who like a bit of combat action.

Our new Air Soft Combat event will take place on a woodland site in

Everybody is welcome to come and have a go, it's great fun. Children over the age of 12 can take part but must be supervised by a participating adult.

Cost will be £15 for 2 games, including hot dogs and a hot drink.

For further information or to book please contact Jan May 01825 722443.

What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is very similar to Paintball except for a few key differences:

No “paintballs” are used.
The ammunition fired from airsoft guns are 6mm plastic balls (bb’s) that do not break on impact with a human target. As the ammunition is made from plastic, the only mess left behind are the bb's themselves and are easily swept up! Biodegradable ammunition is available.

Airsoft can also be described as a modern combat sport in which participants eliminate their opponents by hitting them with spherical low powered projectiles.

Airsoft is a game of honour - players MUST call out when they are hit.
The airsoft guns look realistic (most guns are exact replicas).

Airsoft started in Japan back in the early 1990’s. The main type of airsoft gun is electric – hence the shortened name AEG (Airsoft Electric Gun) it uses a mini battery to turn a motor inside the gun that operates a piston to fire the 6mm plastic balls at approx 330 feet per second (FPS) they can fire in full auto or semi auto modes.

Airsoft is still a growing sport – a lot of people don’t even know it exists! World War Two airsoft is gathering pace at the moment due to a release of different WWII AEG’s. Anyone can play Airsoft – its not just “Boys N Toys”. We have many young ladies that play regularly. Airsoft is fun, exciting and promotes teamwork !

Dinner Dance Video

A good time was had by all at the annual Dinner Dance. Martin Horsfall's video of the Society and guests dancing to Sussex By The Sea at the end of the evening is on YouTube

Street Collection 2015 - £3,449.16

This years Newick Bonfire Night street collection raised a fantastic £3,449.16.

The majority of this has been distributed between the following local charities and good causes:

Golden Lion Children's Trust
Chailey Heritage Foundation
Rockinghorse Children's Trust
St Peter & St James Trust
The Clock Tower Sanctuary
Headway Hurstwood Park
Court Meadow Group RDA
1st Newick Scout Group
Bowles Rocks Trust
Chatterbox Social Club
Bowles Rocks Trust
Help For Heroes
Newick Brownies

The remainder of £1260 will be distributed over the following year to NBS chosen good causes.

Please note - none of the money collected on the night goes to Newick Bonfire Society. Please support our fundraising events throughout the year which raise funds to put on Newick Bonfire Night!

We would like to thank all of our collectors for their hard work and a huge thankyou to the public for your generous donations.

Bonfire Night Street Collection for good causes

The 2014 NBS street collection raised £3,739.66. All of the money collected each year goes to local good causes. Do you have a local good cause that you are passionate about and would like to collect for? Then we would really appreciate your help with the 2015 NBS Street Collection. Please contact us by email if you can take part / help in the street collection on Newick Bonfire Night (31st Oct 2015).


Many thanks in advance, Hilary and Jen

Do you enjoy Newick Bonfire Night?

All the money collected on Newick Bonfire Night goes to good causes, not the Society. The Society fund raises to provide your evening's entertainment. This is becoming increasingly difficult. If you would like to contribute to the cost of the event, fireworks, insurance etc. please consider becoming a Vice President for a minimum subscription of £12.50 (single) or £25 (family). You will also receive a FREE Programme with a printed acknowledgement, a badge and our newsletter. Vice presidents contribute financially but are not expected to help in any other way. Please contact Glenda Saunders 01825 723233.

Easy Fundraising Update

We have now raised £581.64 by Easy Fundraising! Did you know that each time you shop online you can raise money for Newick Bonfire Society and it won't cost you a penny? Click on the blue strip at the top of this page and follow the link. Hundreds of the most popular retailers are signed up to this scheme and ready to donate a percentage of your transaction to us. It's very easy to register and if you remember to use this link, every time you shop NBS will benefit, so get shopping!

Song Lyrics

Lyrics to some of the songs we like to sing can now be found in the About Us section of the website, click here.

Join Newick Bonfire Society

By joining Newick Bonfire Society and becoming an active member you can help to create the amazing spectacle that is Newick Bonfire Night. New members are always made to feel welcome and helping to organise our Bonfire Night isn't just hard work, it's fun and exciting.

Prior to the night you could be involved in setting up The Green, making and dipping the 4000 torches required for our amazing torchlit processions, collection of bonfire materials and helping to build one of the only traditionally built bonfires in Sussex.

Then on the night running torches, stewarding, crowd marshalling and being part of this amazing tradition.

However being part of one of the best Bonfire Societies in Sussex isn't all hard work. Other weekends during the Bonfire season we dress up and become part of the torchlit processions ourselves, visiting other societies' celebrations throughout Sussex including Lewes on the 5th.

Extra help is always needed with fundraising events such as coffee mornings, jumble sales and discos etc.

So whether you're young or old - everyone can become involved. Click HERE for more information on joining the society and our GALLERY where you can see past events and activities.